Gord, the boy, Haddock

In 1951, Gordon moved west, from Montreal, with his parents and brother. The small Saskatchewan town where they settled provided the right growing conditions for his independent spirit and entrepreneurial nature to flourish. 

Gordon Haddock graduated from The University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1972. His entrepreneurial spirit led him into many business ventures including an advertising agency, music store, drug stores, card and gift stores and businesses involving land development, fast food, clothing, tourism, bath and skin care products, entertainment, and publishing. His businesses have been both franchise and self started.

Gord’s wife Maureen has known him since they were twelve, and, having married him in 1970, she has been involved in most of the aforementioned businesses. Writing Get a Bigger Wagon and Get an Even Bigger Wagon has been more than business as usual for Maureen; it’s been personal. She believes that Gordon was allowed more self-discovery time, while growing up, than most children and that he retained more of the details of his experiences than many. It seems clear to Maureen that growing up in small town Saskatchewan contributed significantly to the boy becoming the man he is today.