23 Feb

Calling GABWYEA Alumni and Future Applicants

Our 2020 Get a Bigger Wagon Young Entrepreneur Awards (GABWYEA) were shared on January 26, 2021, after the 14th presentation in the annual Haddock Entrepreneurial Speaker Series. Please visit the home page of Edwards School of Business to read their news item about the event. 

Take time to watch our 2020 Get a Bigger Wagon Young Entrepreneur Awards video with the budding young entrepreneurs in your family. The video introduces each of our 2020 applicants and features this year's winners. REMEMBER: Our 2021 competition opens in a few months. 

Mr. Percy Hoff, the 14th presenter in the Haddock Entrepreneurial Speaker Series (HESS), left some vital messages with his audience. He exemplifies determination, resilience, forgiveness, and love for humankind. He has pursued a passion for business and a passion for his sport. This is a video worth watching with the entire family, classroom, or workplace. 

The 2021 GABWYEA competition launches on September 1, 2021, and will be the fourth. There are now five categories and well over $5000 in prizes. The judges have many things to consider when choosing the winners. It is never too early to finetune your 2021 sales and expenses. Write down details about the adaptations you have had to make during the pandemic. Take video footage of the work you do now. You can always add these bits to your entry video. We encourage previous entrants who didn’t win an award to enter again. Experience and persistence are desirable qualities. Persistence pays. Previous winners can also enter but must have a new business. 

Keep in touch. Entering the GABWYEA even once makes you a member of our alumni. Our young entrepreneurs are welcome to contact the Haddocks, the Edwards School of Business, and even other business owners. Ask questions. Gather suggestions. Learn from this resource. 

One good habit that we try to instill in our competitors is the importance of acknowledging emails when they are received. Even a one-word reply indicating a message has been received is a good thing. 

This year, one mother suggested sharing email addresses so our young entrepreneurs could keep in touch. If you are interested, contact, and I will put you in contact with other entrepreneurs who want to stay in touch. This would be an interest group worth joining. One is never too young to start a contact list. Your email will not be shared unless you make a request.  

Edwards School of Business and Gord and Maureen Haddock are delighted that the 2020 GABWYEA and the 14th annual HESS were a success despite the pandemic. We anticipate an in-person celebration next year. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible. 

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