03 May

Clues for Solving the Great Hosiery Mystery

The word hosiery refers to stockings, tights, and socks, collectively. I use the word tights when I am speaking about opaque or semi-opaque hosiery. I enjoy wearing an expanded offering of tights in the winter. The choices in colour, texture, and fibres add spice to a winter wardrobe and enhance the look of boots. In spring, I ...  Continue Reading

14 Mar

Honouring Saskatchewan Artisans

I have a small collection of handmade fashion pieces, and each item has a story. Creative people with amazing hands have made these treasures. Some are heirlooms already, and the rest will take their place in our family history, eventually. I often carry my late mother’s tiny clutch bag, which was made by my great uncle in the...  Continue Reading

08 Mar

One Can Never Have Too Many Scarves

My mother-in-law, at 97, still loves to buy a new scarf. One time when we were going through her closet we counted 88 scarves. She loves to give a few away, so we can shop for more. Trying on clothes is too difficult for her now, but she still has an eye for colour. Scarves are to a wardrobe, what spices are to a meal. They add...  Continue Reading

06 Jul

A Purse with a Story

One of my favourite accessories is a practical little purse made by SheNative, a company headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. This purse has been all over the world with me and has many destinations in its future. I love my fold-over clutch because it is versatile. It can be carried like a tote or folded over int...  Continue Reading

06 Jan

The Power of Perfume

  Over Christmas, I enjoyed some very special hugs. In most cases, as the hug ended, the recipient of my hug inhaled deeply and said, "You smell wonderful. What perfume are you wearing?" My perfume, at the moment, is COCO, Mademoiselle, by Chanel, and I usually wear it, discreetly, inside the front of my clothing, near the wa...  Continue Reading

17 Sep

The Gift of Doing Without

  I am grateful that I didn’t have everything, as a child. Receiving whatever you ask for can stifle the development of your creativity and your trust in yourself. There is nothing more inspiring to one’s creativity, than wanting what cannot be had, at that very moment. Like many children, I had a very colourful inner lif...  Continue Reading

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