14 Jun

Vintage Boiled Raisin Cake

Vintage Boiled Raisin Cake I have always credited my father’s mom for our family’s boiled raisin cake recipe. My mother’s handwritten recipe book, dated 1947, features her auntie’s boiled raisin cake recipe on the first page. Looking further, I see a star beside a similar cake, credited to a Mrs. Hardy. Mrs. Hardy alwa...  Continue Reading

30 Sep

Beet and Carrot Cake

  I love October! The colours in my home reflect the colours outside. Whenever I look at our Saskatchewan riverbank in autumn, I am reminded of my late aunt’s delicious beet-carrot cake. There are many ways to enjoy beets and carrots, but they are most versatile when grated. If you are going to grate vegetables, grate extra...  Continue Reading

10 Apr

A Blue Ribbon for My Ancestors

At our house, we celebrate with cake! Often, our cake of choice is Most Memorable Marguerite Cake. Recently, I received a Blue Ribbon for this recipe. The ribbon came in the mail from a wonderful Internet site called Just a Pinch®. The idea of someone else trying this recipe, loving it, awarding it a ribbon of merit, and actua...  Continue Reading

23 Apr

Most Memorable Marguerite Cake

I am about to share an heirloom recipe for a mind-blowing cake that is best described in the language of wine connoisseurs. This silky-textured cake has a full-bodied flavour -- not too sweet, yet comforting to the palette. It is a perfect blend of molasses and caramel, with a hint of brown sugar. While appearing complex, the re...  Continue Reading

11 Feb

Easy Heart Shaped Cake

This heart-shaped cake requires simple ingredients like fresh eggs, cake flour, real butter, and love. The finished cake will be close to 13 inches across when assembled, so it is best to build it on a large foil-wrapped surface. I foil-wrapped the lid of a storage box. I served this cake at my mother-in-law's 94th birthday part...  Continue Reading

08 Aug

Twelve Desserts From One Recipe - Chameleon Cake

  Whether this recipe becomes a loaf, a layer cake, or a cupcake you will find it versatile, moist, and delicious. Make it the day ahead if you plan to cube or slice the cake. Once cut, feel free to freeze it. It has been served in my family since the 1950s. This one recipe can provide the start for a dozen different desserts....  Continue Reading