25 Nov

Maple Bread Pudding

I have been making this delicious bread pudding since the early 90s, but recently I made it with some leftover brioche. The results were company-worthy. Combining maple syrup, light spices, and rich bread into a mixture of eggs and milk is always appetizing but steaming it this way guarantees a light, silky texture.   Maple B...  Continue Reading

23 Nov

Microwave Oven Bread and Butter Pudding

  I first made this recipe in the early 1980s in my talking microwave, which had a 750-watt capacity. Today’s microwave ovens provide at least 1200-watts of power. I have made a few changes.   Lately, I have been making this pudding with brioche. My husband brought it home from the local grocery store when he couldn’t ...  Continue Reading

18 Nov

Caramelized Sugar Sauce

  I have many delicious sauce recipes that contain brown sugar but making a sauce by melting white sugar reminds me of my late mother-in-law. I now own the small cast iron fry pan that she once used to melt the sugar. I prefer a lighter coloured pan so I can see how dark the sugar is becoming. Sauce made this way has a toffe...  Continue Reading