03 Jul

Best Chocolatey Puffed Wheat Cake Ever

My son-in-law had a childhood memory of the perfect puffed wheat cake. After decades of sampling and searching, he was interested when one of his employees brought a pan of very chocolatey puffed wheat cake to a potluck lunch at work. My son-in-law tried it, and there it was – the texture and taste he remembered. The young man...  Continue Reading

12 Dec

Merry Cherry Chocolates - A Tradition

In the early 1960s, my mother visited a friend’s home and tasted a decadent, homemade chocolate. It left her in a state of euphoria! She was surprised to learn that it was a tradition in her friend’s home for the man of the house to make the chocolates.  Soon my father and mother, having received the recipe, began their...  Continue Reading

09 Jun

Spritz Cookies Have a Long History

My grandchildren are growing up and can barely remember the day we made spritz cookies for a television pilot. That day, a seven-member crew moved into my kitchen, gear and all, and in the end, helped us eat the delicious cookies we created. Since then, I won a blue ribbon for this 1940s recipe at a website I enjoy called Just...  Continue Reading