12 Apr

Fondue, Fun, and Friendship

  When our good friends, Tony and Tracy, told us they’d like to have us to their house for fondue, my mind travelled back to our 1970 wedding and the three lovely fondue pots we received that year. I remember how we dressed at fondue parties, wearing our maxi-vests over our multi-striped, tight-fitting turtlenecks and bell-...  Continue Reading

06 Apr

Raspberry Brandy Fondue

  I served this fondue to my guests in 1970 and many times, since. Frozen raspberries came in 10 ounce cubes, with a sweetened syrup surrounding the berries. If you can only find bags of loosely frozen raspberries, you will need to add about 1/4 cup sugar to the berries during the cooking stage.  Ingredients: 2 ten-ou...  Continue Reading

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