27 Nov

Let's Get Saucy

  It is very clever to have a white cake, cupcakes, mini-cheesecakes, pancakes, ice cream, or leftover dessert cloud in the freezer. In minutes, you can prepare a delicious sauce, which will raise the ordinary to the sublime. My Butter Tart Sauce is definitely one of the most popular sauces in my collection. I try to have Sask...  Continue Reading

04 Nov

I Love Poppies

Years ago, after the snow melted around our first house, I discovered a border of poppies that promised to come to life every spring. I was delighted. I am attracted to poppy images on fabric, poppies on hats, poppies as jewellery, and poppy paintings. I often wear a red silk flower to brighten a black jacket. I bought a perfec...  Continue Reading

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