10 Dec

A Christmas Tradition in Saskatchewan

  Journal Entry: 1996 Tomorrow, my mother-in-law will be wearing green or red. I will wear my old red coat with the big, fuzzy cuffs and collar. I will pick her up in my car, and we will drive to The Western Development Museum, through softly falling snow. We’ll talk about the joys of the season and listen to Christmas musi...  Continue Reading

08 Dec

Perfect Microwaved Cheese Sauce

If you try making white sauce in the microwave oven, you may never go back to the stovetop method. This sauce takes seconds only and can be turned into cheese or herb sauce by adding the ingredients you prefer. Set power at MEDIUM 2 tablespoons of butter 2 tablespoons of flour ½ teaspoon of salt 1 cup of milk Method: I...  Continue Reading

08 Dec

Maureen’s Savoury Spritz Cookies

Savoury spritz cookies are a lovely addition to a plate of appetizer treats, like olives, sausage bites, and vegetable sticks. The oregano in these makes them a delicious accompaniment for tomato soup or ministrone.   If you need to refresh your memory about using a cookie press click here. Or watch our From the Cookie Jar t...  Continue Reading

02 Dec

The Perfect Gift

  It is the beginning of December, and I am enjoying a sick day. Although, I dislike the symptoms of this cold, I choose to think of it as a gift. Being sick now, means I will be in good health for Christmas, right? Jennifer Ackerman wrote Ah-choo!, the book on colds.  Being home, and under the weather, means I have time t...  Continue Reading

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