30 Sep

Cranberry Cornbread Warms the Heart

Cranberry Cornbread In my recipe collection, there are several variations on cornbread. Cornbread can include jalapeño peppers, spices, or various fruits. It can be baked as a cake, a loaf, or muffins. As a child, I enjoyed eating cornbread drenched in maple syrup at breakfast or topped with generous chunks of cheddar cheese ...  Continue Reading

10 Sep

These Shoes Speak Volumes

I am guest blogging for Maureen Haddock today. Yes, I know I am only a pair of shoes, but Maureen hasn’t been keeping up with From the Cookie Jar lately, so I am going to help. Her father passed away after a long illness, and she managed to write the obituary and the tribute, but now she is feeling reflective, quiet, and not s...  Continue Reading

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