The Get a Bigger Wagon Philosophy

I have known my husband for over half a century and the Get a Bigger Wagon books chronicle his journey to manhood. The title for the first book was taken from the story The Delayed Dream. From the moment the boy pressed his face against the shop window to get a better look at that three speed bicycle, he planned to own it. His little red wagon enabled him to go into business collecting bottles....

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In from the Cookie Jar Blog, I will be sharing ideas, memories, and recipes gathered over decades.
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About the Author, Maureen Haddock

Maureen Haddock was born into a printing family and spent much of her early childhood with her parents in their Manitoba weekly newspaper office. At the time, her parents were the youngest publishers in Manitoba. Her love of the printed word grew from these stimulating surroundings.

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13 dec

Maureen Haddock's Blog Chosen for Top 150

Last week, I received an email with an exciting first paragraph. It began, “We're writing to let y...

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The Books

Sample Stories

It was one of those mornings in the fifties, in small town Saskatchewan, when the snow was almost gone and the gumbo clay roads smelled of dampness....

Where to buy The Books

Please check our list of book sellers for your nearest location to buy “Get a Bigger Wagon”. If we do not have a location near you please contact us at and we will be more that happy to mail you your book(s).

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